PA Art Exhibition

We are very excited to announce that primary Advantage will be hosting their own Art Show at St John at Hackney Church next week. All of the schools...


SJSJ’s Basketball Champions

Last week, a selection of Year  4 and Year 5 pupils were chosen to represent St John & St James’ at a Basketball competition that was held at...


Out and About with Year 5

Last Friday, Year 5 visited the Museum of London and the banks of the River Thames as part of their topic ‘The Time Traveler’. While they were...


Voices in a Million

On Wednesday evening, the choir took part in the Voices in a Million choir event at Wembley Arena. The children have been working extremely hard in...


Year 4’s Solar System Art

In Year 4, we looked at the ‘Solar System’ and the different features of each individual planet. Focusing on colour, texture and special ...

Message from the Head of School

Welcome to our brand new website. We’re very excited about it as it has lots of content for you to interact with. Please have a good look around and tell us what you think. Your feedback
is important to us. Enjoy!

Joanne Smith Head of School

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frequently asked questions

  • 1. Emergencies

    Our Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisors deal with cuts and abrasions, and we have a number of members of staff that are trained First Aiders. In dealing with cuts we may only use water. Please let us know if your child is allergic to plasters.

    If there is a serious accident, we will contact a Parent/Carer immediately, and if necessary will arrange for an ambulance to take your child to hospital. It is therefore vital that you keep the school informed of any changes of contact phone numbers of all nominated emergency contacts. The school telephone number is 0208 985 2045.

  • 2. Mobile Phones

    We have a policy that no mobile phones are allowed in school. In the case of an emergency, please write a letter to the school explaining why your child needs their phone and we will hold it in the school reception until the end of the day. On these occasions, the school cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of your phone, if you choose to leave it in the reception area.

  • 3. Holidays

    The school cannot support parents who take holidays during the term time. However, if it is unavoidable that your child is to lose time at school for absence other than illness, please write to the Head Teacher requesting permission and this will be given due consideration.



Primary Advantage is a
federation of 6 schools
We work in partnership as a multiple teaching school alliance to deliver Initial Teacher Training, CPD, talent management and outreach to other schools – all to ensure the greatest impact on our children.