Absence and Punctuality

Reporting an Absence
If your child is going to be ill, please inform the school before 9.25 am. You can call or come in person to notify the school about your child’s absence. Parents must notify us the following day if their child still feels unwell.

If children fall ill during the day, the school will telephone parents or nominated carers as soon as possible.

Children are not expected to come to school unless they are fit and well. It is unfair on both the child and their classmates if they are not fit to take part in all the activities of the school day.

No child should come to school within 24 hours of having had an upset stomach.

Children are expected to arrive to school by 8:55 am. If your child arrives after 8.55 am, they must go the late area outside Year 2  in the infant building. If your child arrives after 9.30 am without an authorised reason, the morning session is counted as an unauthorised absence.

If a child is not registered as being in school and we have not received a phone call from an authorised family member, the parent/career will receive a phone call from the school to enquire why the child is not in school.