Extended Nursery Provision

This year, St John & St James’ is very pleased to offer parents the opportunity to sign up for Extended Nursery Provision. This Provision provides parents and carers, who are not eligible for 30 hour funded nursery places, the option to pay a weekly fee in order to access a full-time Nursery place. 

Below is a little more information about how the Extended Nursery Provision works at our school.


Nursery places will be awarded according to our admissions criteria. All parents must check whether they are eligible for 15 hours or 30 hour funded nursery places by visiting the government website.  This will help you to find out whether your child is eligible for a funded part-time or a funded full-time nursery place. This information must be passed on to your child’s nursery so that they can offer admissions accordingly. 

Once offered a place, parents/carers who are only eligible for 15 hour funded places in nursery will be given the opportunity to apply for Extended Nursery Provision. These places will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.


St John and St James’ C of E Primary School charges a total of £70.00 per pupil per week, for Extended Nursery Provision. This amount does not cover the cost of school lunches.


Before a child is accepted for Extended Nursery Provision, we require a deposit to be paid. At present, this is a set fee of £140.00 which is fully refundable at the end of your child’s time in Nursery.

Notice Period

If you would like to remove your child from this provision before the end of their official Nursery period, you will need to give a half terms notice. This should be presented in the form of a letter to be addressed to the Head of School, c/o St John & St James’ Primary School. Not doing so may result in your deposit being withheld.


All parents are expected to be in advance with their Extended Nursery payments by at least one full week. Any late payment may result in the place being withdrawn. The school is now operating a cashless system, and all payments should be made by logging into your ‘Parent Pay’ account. To request an additional copy of your initial sign up letter or more information about this service, please speak to one of the members of the office team who will be happy to help you. 

The school will not charge for INSET Days or any closures determined by the school; bad weather, teacher strike action, poling etc. However, you will still be charged the full amount if your child is absent form school due to illness or other personal circumstances.

On the occasions where the school week is shorter than five days due to school holidays or bank holidays, you will be charged for the equivalent number of sessions i.e. £14.00 per day.

Nursery Session Times

Nursery’s morning sessions run from 9.00am to 12.00pm and afternoon sessions run from 12.00pm to 3.00pm. 


If you would like your child to have a school lunch you should make the additional £10.00 per week payment in advance in the main office or using our online payment system. If you would prefer your child to have a packed lunch please inform the school office. It is important to note that we are a healthy school which means that you must ensure that a healthy and balanced lunch is provided. Junk food and sugary snacks are not permitted and will be removed from your child’s lunch and returned to a parent or carer at the end of the day.


Children must be collected by a responsible adult, no younger than 16 years of age. Two emergency contact details must be provided and these details will be updated on a regular basis. It is our school policy that only nominated persons can collect children. To avoid any unnecessary confusion at the end of the day, please ensure that a member of the Nursery team, or the main office, are informed in advance if a different adult will be collecting your child.



If you would like more information about Extended Nursery Provision, please pop into the main office where a member of the team will be happy to do their best to answer your questions.