School Council

Our School Council consists of two children from each class who are elected by their peers. They are active campaigners for rights on the local to the global stage. Every child has the opportunity to contribute through class council. The counsellor’s are always looking for ways to improve our school and local community.

This term School Council’s focus is Peer Mediation. All of our School Council members will be trained on how to become good Peer Mediators. Peer mediation is problem solving by youth, with youth. It is a process by which two or more students involved in a dispute meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to work out problems with the assistance of a trained student mediator. Our aim is to teach students the principles and techniques of conflict resolution so that they can solve their own minor disputes. Students are trained under the supervision of our Pastoral Manager to use a systematic mediation process. At the end of the training, all of our school Council members will have developed good listening and communication skills, clarifying and questioning, good emotional intelligence and developed strong empathy.

These are our School Council members for this Academic Year:

Year  Name
Year 1 Iris & Ryan O
Year 2 Kimberly & Paul
Year 3 Tashan & Jemima
Year 4 Evie & Naomi
Year 5 Gbovo & Mia
Year 6S Yasmine & Nefie
Year 6F Elizabete & Omo