Governors: Local Advisory Board

Each school within the Primary Advantage Federation has a Local Advisory Board that meets meets regularly to support the Head of School, Headteacher and Executive Principal in making strategic decisions that will improve outcomes for pupils.

The Local Advisory Board meet regularly to support and challenge the school to continue to provide children with a high quality education.  They look at outcomes for all pupils at St John & St James’ and look at  how well our children are doing compared to children nationally.  They also receive finance reports, health and safety reports, curriculum reports and help the school to make decisions that will benefit our school community.


St John & St James’ C of E Primary School Local Advisory Board is made up of the following Staff, Parent and Community Members:

Associate Members Link Area Blurb Attendance @ LAB 1 Meeting – Nov 17 Attendance @ LAB 2 Meeting – Feb 19 Attendance @ LAB 3 Meeting – July 19

Donna Thomas,
Local Advisory Board Chair (Local Authority)


SEN & Inclusion

I am the link governor for safeguarding/LAC, SEN & Inclusion. I work in the local authority education service.  My professional background is in early year’s.  Yes    

Jenna Clark

n/a Executive Headteacher n/a – staff member Yes     

Jo Smith

n/a Head of School n/a – staff member Yes     

Grace Gladstone

Early Years Foundation Stage

n/a – staff member Yes     

Chanchanok Poolvoralaks

Health & Safety


I currently work for a law firm and have just recently joined the School Committee here at St John & St James’. I have a BA in Jurisprudence (Law), and work primarily in corporate finance law. I have some experience working for a school before, and because of my strong interest in education, was introduced to St John & St James’ through the community work that my law firm does. I feel blessed to be working with such a dedicated team here at St John & St James’. No     

Andrew Bedford



RE & Collective Worship

I have lived in Hackney for 20 years and have two children at St John and St James’. I attend St John at Hackney Church and have led the children’s work at the church for the last couple of years. I also serve on the Parochial Church Council. 
I have spent the last 25 years working in the voluntary and public sector and am currently the Head of Parks for Islington Council. I care about how schools give children a joy and passion for learning and supports them in becoming good citizens. I am also passionate about the role the natural world can play in supporting learning.


Mark Nelson
(Ex Officio)

Assessment & Marking

Greater Depth R, W, M

I am a priest serving my curacy at St John at Hackney and this membership offers the opportunity to invest into the pastoral life of local schools and to continue to care and work together for the sake of Hackney young people. We are hugely proud of our historic link with a number of the local schools in the local area and are already regularly involved at schools through assemblies and visits. I personally have also worked as a detached youth worker with under-privileged young people in west London for 6 years. I have also run reading development coaching for underprivileged primary school children in one particular West London Primary school for over two years. I have oversight of our Church children’s ministry and programmes which invests in children of every age and developmental stage. These are children who attend nursery’s, primary and secondary schools across the local area. I am a local resident with two young boys of our own and hope to invest into the structures for local education that give opportunity to all local children like my own.


Morgan Allen-Oliver

To be agreed.

I currently work in the Fashion Industry – I am the knitwear designer at I have been in my current role for seven years after earning both BA and MA degrees in fashion. As part of my current role, I undertake industry projects with universities where I set projects, assess development and grade final results. 

Whilst at school I spent 9 summers as a camp leader for a children’s charity camp where the aim was to give disadvantaged children a holiday. On leaving my A Levels I went on to do a year at a boarding school in Bath as a junior house parent as well as classroom teacher, specialising in Maths and PE.



Local Advisory Board Impact Statement 2018-19

For review: November 2018

LAB members will continue to undertake learning walks, facilitated by the Head of School as a valuable method of observing and questioning the effectiveness of teaching, learning; and behaviour management, to inform LAB members understanding of the curriculum, data and the ethos of the school.  

We will:

  • Complete termly link visits to scrutinise arrangements for SEN, child protection and safeguarding, LAC, equality and early years provision, as well as budgets and finance processes in order for the committee to gain a clear picture of the school’s financial health, which is supported by comprehensive finance reports to Governors, which help form the basis of the LAB’s analysis (and direction);
  • Continue to monitor the impact of the Pupil Premium Grant on the educational outcome of disadvantaged pupils;
  • Use committee meetings to monitor and challenge the priorities:
    • arrangements for children eligible for pupil premium
    • greater depth in maths

As well as scrutiny, LAB members will also offer support for leadership decisions acting as critical friend, seeking to ensure transparency and accountability of the school’s management, by asking questions related to attainment, succession planning, staff retention and deployment of resources where the impact is strategic.

Our equalities objective for 2017-18 is to diminish the gap between boys and girls outcomes and ensure they are achieving above their peers nationally.

Actions to ensure that our equalities objective is met:



· All pupils have equal access to the curriculum

· All pupils regardless of their gender are supported in                 their learning

·  The gap between boys and girls diminishes across the               curriculum

· Data analysis

· School tracking systems

· FFT, ASP documents

· Book scrutiny

· RA meetings


· Ensure the curriculum is relevant to all learners

· Staff to receive appropriate training to support pupils with specific needs

· Ensure the learning environment meets all learners need

· Pupil data to be evaluated to ensure all pupils are achieving and attaining in line with or above their peers. Interventions put in place to ensure targeted support is delivered where necessary

· Challenge provided within lessons to enable all learners

· Personalised provision for identified pupils


Register of Business & Pecuniary Interests (LAB)

The decision-making processes of the central governing board should be conducted, and seen to be conducted, in an objective and unbiased manner. The governing board and school staff have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between business and personal interests and the interests of the school. To help put this duty into practice and to meet legal requirements, all maintained schools maintain a register of pecuniary and business interests. The register will ensure that LAB members and associate members personal interests do not unfairly prejudice, influence or conflict with school’s decision making processes.

Jenna Clark

LAB Member
Staff: Executive Headteacher 

Indirect – Partner works for school sports organisation (Badu Sports)
Currently employed by PA Federation – Seconded to Gainsborough Primary school as Executive Headteacher.
Brother works for a furniture design company (British Thornton).
Son attends SJSJ: Year 1.

September 2018
Jo Smith

LAB Member
Staff: Head of School

Indirect – Husband is headteacher of another school.
Children attend SJSJ: Reception & Year 4.
September 2018
Donna Thomas Governor
Local Authority
Direct – Work for the Local education authority October 2018
Grace Gladstone LAB Member
Staff: Assistant Headteacher


September 2018
Chanchanok Poolvoralaks LAB Member


October 2017
Andrew Bedford Governor
Children attend SJSJ: Year 1 and Year 4
Indirect – Work for another Local Authority
 October 2018
Mark Nelson

LAB Member
Pastor, St John at Hackney
Ex Officio

Son attends SJSJ: Nursery October 2018

If you would like to contact the Local Advisory Board, please email: