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Pipeline Challenge

On Monday, the whole school took part in a number of activities as part of Unicef’s Day for Change. For this years activity, the school have focused the right to clean and safe drinking water. As part of this teaching, all classes took part in a pipeline challenge where they had to pass a bucket filled with water from one end of their class lines to the other end; not only in the fastest time but also with the least spillages. With your donations, we managed to raise £156.00!
The results have been compared and we can  reveal that they are as follows:

  Time Spillage
Nursery 3 minutes 53 seconds 36 mm
Reception 3 minutes 12 seconds 15 mm
Year 1 2 minutes 3 seconds 23 mm
Year 2 32 seconds 8 mm
Year 3 1 minutes 54 seconds 12 mm
Year 4F 2 minutes 24 seconds 27 mm
Year 4S 1 minutes 12 seconds 10 mm
Year 5 55 seconds 9 mm
Year 6 47 seconds 6 mm