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Reception Visit the Emirates Cable Cars

As part of their transport topic, Reception took part in a very, very exciting trip on Monday. They visited the Emirates Cable Cars in Greenwich where they got to travel on the cars across the River Thames.

The children were super excited about the journey and couldn’t contain their excitement as they boarded them. Not only did the    children get to experience the Cable Cars but they also traveled on the Overground and Underground too.

When they arrived back at school, the children thought carefully about the trip and voted on which method of transport they enjoyed using the most. Unsurprisingly the  entire class voted for the Cable Cars; all except Miss Rees who was very  happy to get her feet back onto solid ground!

Well done to each and every member of the Reception class, you were a true credit to our school and a pleasure to take out.

Also, a huge thank you to all of the parents and carers that joined us on the day; the trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support!