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School Council

School Council  have introduced the new reflection area to the children in this weeks     assembly.  

Children are reminded that the area is to be for prayer and quiet reflection time only.

Here are a reminder of the Reflection Area rules . 



You must not play games in the reflection area.

Do no spoil the area by not damaging the flowers or water feature.

At all times be respectful.


  • Spirituality is about contacting and enlarging the inner life, which all of us have within, and allowing the living flame of the inner presence of God to touch and permeate our daily activities. It can be nurtured through encountering the beauty of the

landscape surrounding us, through reading, music, relaxation, and reflection.


”O God, whose love never fails, give us the insight and understanding of the scribe.

May we hear your commands, and may they find a home in us and guide us to your truth. As we walk in your ways, 

we ask you to open the doors of the heavenly kingdom to us. Amen’.