The SJSJ Standards are a set of 6 rules that all members of the school community aspire to. The standards are a combination of rules for behavior and co-operative learning standards.

When & Where: The Standards can be seen in every teaching area in the school and are referred to regularly in all areas of the school and the school day. The staff use the language when discussing excellent and poor behavior and remind children of what we are trying to achieve.

Why: There is a shared language and vision around the standards. The children know the language of the standards and can discuss what each standard means and what it looks like in the classroom, playground and outside school. The behaviors become internalised.

If: When children are carrying out these standards or achieving these standards beyond daily expectations they may receive a reward based on the Stay on Green behaviour system. If children do not operate to these standards, the Stay on Green consequences will beĀ enforced.

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Pupil Discipline & Anti-Bullying Policy
Stay on Green leaflet.