At St John & St James' we are currently building our schools Google Classroom accounts; we anticipate that we will be ready to launch our accounts within the next month.
Google classroom is a safe and secure solution designed to ensure that pupils are able to access learning materials directly from home. This means that teachers are able to provide blended learning to pupils both in and outside of the classroom. This helps to ensure that children who are required to learn from home are able to access the same materials as those who would be inside of the classroom. Pupils will have access to their weekly homework and will allow them to learn from home if the school is required to close for any reason.
When the schools accounts are fully functioning, each child will have their own unique login.
You will be able to access your child's Google Classroom account by clicking on the Google Classroom picture above where you will be taken directly to the Google Classroom homepage. Here you will enter your child's unique log in details to gain access to their classroom.

Please note that the following information will be relevant when we launch our schools Google Classroom Accounts in the next few weeks.

If you would like some support with your child's Google Classroom account or you do not have internet access at home and would like to request a paper work pack, please email

To view our Blended Learning Policy, please click here.